Website Update
· โ˜• 1 min read
I’ll be right back… Since youโ€™re reading this blog post, Iโ€™m going to assume that you are my audience of a casual blog reader. As you can see that I have upgraded the blog and there's still a fair bit of work to be done. ie: updating my old blog posts, contact me page, search index, etc.

Microscopic Summary About My First Pycon
· โ˜• 10 min read
I attend my first Python conference last weekend. It was the NZ python user groupโ€™s tenth national python conference. Everything was just great and awesome; I made a lot of friends also learn a lot. Going to a conference full of people who love the same thing as myself is always a fun experience.

Whatโ€™s this Hot Fuzz about Data Science
· โ˜• 3 min read
To answer this question, we have to consider what data science and big data can do for the average citizen: The results of data science are already working their magic in our day to day lives. Have you ever looked for a t-shirt online and found related advertisements on Facebook and other websites continuously for a week?

I Screw Up My First Open Barbell
· โ˜• 4 min read
Companies are making efforts to calculate barbell path and system performance with the body and barbell, and even measure for the rate of force. Barbell speed trackers allow us to account for this: they provide an instant, measurable metric that can be used to determine how much should actually be lifted.

Encoder Basics
· โ˜• 3 min read
I have come across encoders in my internship projects also personal projects such as Open barbell. Thought its better to draw something in a pencil regarding encoders which will help me to understand more about encoders while you can learn something too. The most common encoders are incremental encoders, for two main reasons.